UV vytvrzovací zařízeníHandStar MINI 50/120 - en

HandStar MINI 50/120 - en

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Záruční lhůta 24 měsíců
Special hand operated UV curing unit designed for curing of UV varnishes, UV inks, UV fillers etc. on different surfaces and objects. It consists from supply unit, from hand-operated UV curing head and from special docking station with cooling for placing of UV curing head. The connection of UV curing head and the supply unit is via cables, the docking station is independent on supply unit and it has its own electrical supplying. There is installed the special ozone-free UV lamp in this equipment. The UV lamp is equipped with reflector made from special material with increased reflectivity in UV range. The supply of UV lamp is ensured from control electronics, which signalised to user when the UV lamp is ready to work (reaching of working point of UV lamp). This supply electronics also ensured post-cooling of UV lamp after finishing of its operation. Possibility of reswitching of power of UV lamp in two steps (50/100%). The design of equipment and its operation agrees with all needed regulations of Europe Union countries and the equipment has CE declaration.
We offer also the set of protective aids to this equipment.

irradiated width : 50 mm
dimensions of supply unit (l x w x h) : 350 x 180 x 80 mm
dimensions of UV curing head (l x w x h) : 160 x 140 x 110 mm
dimensions of docking station (l x w x h) : 230 x 210 x 110 mm
weight of supply unit : approx. 2,7 kg
weight of UV curing head : approx 1,3 kg
linear UV power : 120 W/cm
installed power : 600 W
electric supply : 1 x 230V

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